Lectures and Interviews with Alastair Mordey

Post-Traumatic Growth – The Role of Fighting Sports in Overcoming Adverse Childhood Experiences

Alastair Mordey presents with Billy Moore at iCAAD London 2019 on the role of fighting sports in overcoming adverse childhood experiences and addiction.

Using Muay Thai & Triathlon as Treatment Modalities for Addicted Young Men

In 2015 I founded ‘The Edge’ – an innovative addiction treatment program that used Muay Thai, Triathlon and other arduous physical challenges, to help young men aged from 18 to 28, emerge from their destructive behaviours. This included those that had significant violence and trauma histories.

Opiates: A Potted History – From Mesopotamia to Mao

We can look at society like an organism. What happens when society is not well? When times change so fast, peoples value systems can’t keep up. The addiction phenomenon grows alongside the decay of traditional culture and the rapid destruction of value systems. This is known as ‘social dislocation model’.

Opioids: The Dangers of Abstinence vs the Benefits of Recovery

Harm reduction vs Abstinence. People addicted to opioids run the risk of overdose should they relapse due to lowered tolerance. This has led to policy changes (away from total abstinence) on the part of many treatment providers as the prevalence of opioid addiction has grown.

Elevate Health

Alastair Mordey Presents Elevate Health Platform at NEX Exchange in London

Alistair Mordey talks about the Elevate reward platform and explains how it can revolutionise the healthcare industry and incentivise people to change unhealthy behaviours. Alistair is the Co-founder and Chief Clinical Officer of Elevate Health.

Barbarian Investor Show Episode 16 – Elevate Health Co-Founder Alastair Mordey

Barbarian Investor Show Episode 16 – Host Adam Jason is joined by Elevate Health Co-Founder Alastair Mordey to learn about the Elevate app which is incentivising healthier living and behavioural therapy using cryptocurrency payments.