1. Maintaining Abstinence.

2. Learning to Sacrifice the Present for the Future.

3. Being of Service to Others.

4. Learning how to Regulate our Emotions.

5. Developing a Sense of Purpose.

1. Addiction manifests across multiple rewarding human behaviours. It is by no means limited to the abuse of substances. Whatever your addiction, it can be arrested by defining the destructive elements of that behaviour and maintaining abstinence around it.

2. Pleasure seeking is rife in our society. What tastes good now usually costs us something later on. The opposite is also true.

3. Human beings are adapted to function as members of a tribe. The worst fate that can befall a human is to be isolated. Addiction is a disease of isolation. Therefore, recovery cannot be achieved by focusing on self. It can only be achieved by way of service to others.

4. Chemical sobriety is not enough. We should also consider emotional sobriety as a factor. Learning how to regulate our emotions is key in leveraging our full potential in recovery.

5. Human beings cannot be mentally healthy unless they have a potent source of purpose and meaning. To this end we encourage the exploration of any and all potentially beneficial ways of living, including those contained within traditional belief systems, religions and spiritual practices.