Elevate health is a company which merges blockchain technology with m-health applications. It rewards people crypto currency in return for measurable improvements in their behavioural health. The platform has a particular emphasis on tackling drug and alcohol addiction, smoking, poor diet and physical inactivity. All of these behaviours have a huge impact on the global chronic disease burden, especially in the developing world.

Barbarian Investor Show Episode 16 – Elevate Health Co-Founder Alastair Mordey

Barbarian Investor Show Episode 16 – Host Adam Jason is joined by Elevate Health Co-Founder Alastair Mordey to learn about the Elevate app which is incentivising healthier living and behavioural therapy using cryptocurrency payments.

Alastair Mordey Presents Elevate Health Platform at NEX Exchange in London

Alistair Mordey talks about the Elevate reward platform and explains how it can revolutionise the healthcare industry and incentivise people to change unhealthy behaviours. Alistair is the Co-founder and Chief Clinical Officer of Elevate Health.